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Alan Clendenen

I will begin by saying that if my wife and I decided to build another house I would only consider one contractor, Lee B. Marston Construction, Inc.  Our experience with Lee and his team was as trouble free as one can get with a 20 month project. They are extremely knowledgeable of the building process and what needs to happen when. All of the sources they use are of the highest caliber.  Their colleagues have long-term experience in the building trade and know their jobs well.  We have one of the most well built homes in our neighborhood.  Lee B. Marston Construction, Inc. prides themselves on detailed work, a clean work site, efficiency, and craftsmanship.  We couldn’t be happier with our home and the end results.

Michael Rivera

Our family of three was soon to become a family of four and our small, out of date, Corona del Mar home built in 1948 was in desperate need of a major overhaul to support our needs. Lee B. Marston Construction, Inc. was an obvious choice in regard to reputation and beautiful projects in the community. It is an absolute understatement to say how amazing this father-son team was in bringing our dreams to a reality. The attention that they gave our project was first rate. From the kitchen to bathrooms and floors to the roof, they gave our home a complete renovation and brought it back to life while providing us the updated space that our family needed.

Kathy Curtis

Lee B. Marston Construction did my full scale remodel about 12 years ago. It was an excellent experience and thorough to the last knob pull on the bathroom cabinet. Their subcontractors have a long standing relationship and were top notch. I still use many of them today. The job was on time, in budget (if changes were made by me the change order paperwork came immediately), clean job site, quality craftsmanship and excellent and friendly subcontractors. Our communication was consistent and thorough and it made the usual craziness of a project like this pretty enjoyable. It is over 12 years later and while I do touch ups and have had additional projects done (mostly by Lee B. Marston Construction Subcontractors) over the years, I have never needed follow up on any thing. This house is built to code and built to last! I have recommended Lee B. Marston Construction many times over these past 12 years and will continue to do so. They are the best!

Jim and Mary Jo Kauker

We have used Lee B. Marston Construction for two of our last three major projects. Having used someone other than Lee B. Marston Construction for a remodel project we had “in between Marston projects” allowed us to truly appreciate how Lee Marston is a premier builder for our area, and why we will only use Lee B. Marston Construction going forward. Lee’s management process is transparent, structured and efficient. He lets you know exactly where you are in the project, options to consider, and the deadlines to meet so that he can coordinate all that is required to get what needs to be done, its timing, and the budget. Anyone who has hired someone to build a home, or modify an existing one, knows that schedules and expectations cannot be met without a firm and knowledgeable person in the leadership position. Promises are easy, real commitments and performance are what you really need. Lee Marston is a true leader in the Construction business in Orange County. The toughest part of getting Lee to work on your project is his schedule. Plan ahead, and get the best.